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Do you offer a WHOIS privacy service?

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014 04:12AM NZDT
We understand that some of you may wish to protect your home address in the public WHOIS database. With iwantmyname you can hide the physical address details, while retaining full control of ownership.

How much do you charge for protecting my privacy?

This service is free of charge and included with every domain registration that supports WHOIS masking (see below). If your current registrar charges extra for WHOIS proxy services, you should start your domain transfer here.

Who can use the WHOIS masking service?

This service is only available for individuals who wish to protect their personal domains. We believe it should be in the best interest of any company or organization to use a contactable address when registering domains. If you need protection for your company, you should consider creating your own WHOIS privacy service.

Where can I enable WHOIS privacy?

You can add the service from the WHOIS update page of your domains under "Domains > > Domain owner". Please note that at present the WHOIS privacy service cannot mask name or email address, as this can prevent registrants from receiving important notifications. This is something we are working on, however, and hope to be able to offer full masking in the future.

Which domain extensions (TLDs) are supported?

Our free WHOIS privacy service can be used with the following domain extensions:
Why don't you offer this service for other domain extensions, e.g. .DE, .NZ or .US?

Most country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) don't allow private registrations according to their registration policies. Unfortunately, we do not have any influence on this.

How do you protect my personal information?

We will hide the street address (street, post / zip code, city) and phone number. Your name and email address will still be visible in the public WHOIS databases as shown below:

iWantMyName Domain Whois Privacy Masking

This ensures that you are still the legal owner (registrant) of a domain name and have full control over your email address should you wish to transfer it to another registrar.

But what about my email address? I don't want spam!

99% of current email hosting services have excellent spam filters so spam isn't really an issue. If you are still concerned about your email address being listed, you can create a dedicated username for your domain registrations, e.g. or get a free email forwarding address.

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