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Do you offer a WHOIS privacy service?

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2015 09:36AM NZDT

When new domains are registered, the registration details are available in the public WHOIS database. This is part of ICANN policy (and actual helps with security and fraud prevention).

We understand that some people may want to hide their contact details for privacy or to prevent themselves from receiving unsolicited offers or spam. You can do this with our WHOIS privacy service, while still retaining full control and ownership of your domain(s).

How much do you charge for protecting my privacy?

This service is free of charge and included with every domain registration that supports WHOIS privacy. If your current registrar charges extra for WHOIS privacy/proxy services, you should transfer your domain. You can start a transfer here.

Who can use the WHOIS privacy service?

This service is available for individuals who wish to protect their personal domains. WHOIS privacy can be added to most gTLDs and a few ccTLDs, though most ccTLD registries (e.g. .CA, .NZ, .CA) don't offer a WHOIS privacy option. Check here to see if your domains can have WHOIS privacy added.

For .UK domains you can opt out of the WHOIS service at the Nominet registry.

We believe it should be in the best interest of any company or organization (i.e. not individuals) to use a contactable address when registering domains. If you need protection for your company, you should consider creating your own WHOIS privacy service.

Where can I enable WHOIS privacy?

In your domain dashboard, on the domain's page, if WHOIS privacy is available, you'll see an enable privacy link. Click on that to begin the process.

enable privacy

Once WHOIS privacy is added, the page will update to show that the information is now hidden. You can disable WHOIS privacy by clicking on disable privacy. There will also be a notification that WHOIS privacy will need to be removed if you ever need to transfer the domain.

WHOIS privacy in place

How do I update from the old WHOIS privacy to the new full privacy service?

Our old WHOIS privacy service could only partially hide contact details, but would still display name and email address. If you had this WHOIS privacy in place, you can update to the new service, which hides all details.

Login to your account and go to the relevant domain's page in your dashboard. If WHOIS privacy was already in place, you will see the disable privacy link. Click that link to remove the old WHOIS privacy. Then, when the page refreshes, click on the enable privacy link. Accept the terms, and the new full masking will be added.

How do I update my registrant information?

If you would like to update the registrant details (e.g. new email address), or make bigger changes, like the domain owner, you will need to remove the WHOIS privacy to make those changes. Then you can add WHOIS privacy back once that's done.

You will also need to remove WHOIS privacy prior to starting a domain transfer (with us or at any other registrar), because otherwise you won't be able to receive the transfer confirmation email.

To update your registrant contact details, on the same page where you add WHOIS privacy, click on edit contacts. On the next page, update the details, then scroll down to the bottom to save the new settings.

For some types of domains, we will have to update some of the registrant information for you. If any of your contact details are grayed out and can't be edited, please let us know so we can make the changes. Please include the exact new information you want changed. Note that some owner changes require additional steps, and can involve registry fees.

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