I already paid to renew my domain. Why did I receive this notice?

Occasionally, customers who have already been billed for their domain(s) renewals receive the ERRP email notification show below, warning them that their renewals are upcoming.

This notification is understandably confusing. However, you can ignore it. We don't send them.

Some time ago, there were some industry-wide policy changes from ICANN (the internet's governing body) regarding renewal schedules and notices. The result is that they imposed their own notification schedule onto registrars like us. This occasionally results in notifications arriving out of order after you've already paid your renewal on an autorenewing domain.

As long as your domain remains set to autorenew, and you have up-to-date payment details in your account, your renewal will be processed on schedule.

We send you an emailed notification and receipt when your renewal billing has been processed, and your domain will be renewed on time. You won't be billed again and the domain is not at risk of expiring.

If you're not sure whether your renewal payment was completed, or if your domain is set to autorenew, you can easily check that in your domain's dashboard when you login, or you can ask us.

ERRP notice

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