How can I renew my domain name?

Auto-renewal and billing

All domains are set to renew automatically by default when you register them.  So if you want your domain to renew, and your credit card details are up to date in your account, you don't have to do anything.

We will notify you by email 7 (seven) days before the renewal billing is scheduled to be processed. If you don't want to renew you can cancel the renewal during that 7 days.

To check your credit card details, login to your account and go to the Billing & Payments page.

Our renewal processes are set up to ensure you are notified early if there are any renewal issues, well before your domain(s) is at risk of expiring. If we are unable to bill the credit card on file, we'll notify you via email.

It's important to ensure your account login and notification email addresses are up to date so we can contact you.

As soon as you receive the successful billing notification email and renewal payment receipt, everything's all set for the domain to renew.

It's a good idea to add the following email addresses to your contacts/address book to ensure notifications from us don't get caught in your spam folder.


One thing to be aware of is that domain registration expiry dates update on the date the domain was registered, not when renewal is billed. So if you have paid your renewal, but the date still shows the same year, don't worry. It will update to the following year when the previous expiry date arrives.

Please also note that as domain expiry/renewal dates are based on the domain's registration date, we can't change them, e.g. to set the billing date to a later one, for example.

When will I be billed?

Domain renewals are billed a few weeks before the actual expiry date, in order to give you enough time to resolve any issues, like expired credit cards, missed notifications, etc.

If you have been billed for renewal but don't want to renew the domain, we can usually cancel the renewal for you and process a refund as long as the domain has not yet been renewed at the registry. Just let us know.


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