Microsoft Office 365 setup guide

Once you have created iwantmyname and Microsoft Office 365 accounts, and you have registered your domain name, you can proceed to connecting the domain with Office and then creating your new email address(es).

When you go through the Office 365 setup wizard, you will be asked to add several DNS records, which you will do in your iwantmyname account in the domain's dashboard.

Login to your account and select the domain you want to set up, then click manage DNS records.

In the dashboard, add the records one at a time, using the instructions provided by Office 365. Click on the add button to the right of the fields once you've added each record.

The format of the SRV records listed by Office 365 differs a bit from our input format. In order to add the SRV records, please put the details in as follows:

Hostname: _sip._tls
Type: SRV
Priority: 100
Value: 1 443

Hostname: _sipfederationtls._tcp
Type: SRV
Priority: 100
Value: 1 5061

Once you have added all the details, save the new DNS settings.

If you are not sure about how to format the records correctly, we are happy to help. While logged in to your account, just send us request via our support form, including the list of records. That will provide the necessary security authentication, then we can add them for you.

Once that's done, give it a few hours for propagation, and then you will be able to finish setup in your Office 365 account.


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