How do I change my account contact details?

Updating your account contact details only updates the information in your iwantmyname account. This information is used for billing receipts, future domain registrations, your notifications email address, and security authentication if you can't access the account or there's a dispute.

Updating account contact details does not update your domain registrant/owner WHOIS details.

Updating registrant/owner WHOIS details is a separate process, which you would start in your domain dashboard when logged in to your account., by clicking on the edit contacts link. If you have trouble, please let us know and we can assist.

To update your account contact details, please start by logging in to your iwantmyname account.

In the main dashboard menu, click on Account, then Contact Info.

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Using incorrect or incomplete account information is against our terms and conditions. Additionally, it will make it impossible for you to authenticate yourself as account holder if you are ever unable to login or are required to do so for security.

Once you have completed the updates, click Update Contact to save the new information.


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It is against ICANN regulations to use incorrect registrant details when registering a domain, and puts your domains at risk of suspension or deletion.


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