How do I cancel my domain and get a refund?

Domain names are set to autorenew by default when you register them to protect them from expiring accidentally.

For us to cancel and refund a domain for you, we will need you to login to your account and send an authenticated request for security via our support form.

To cancel a domain that you just registered

Not all registries provide refunds on newly registered domains. ccTLD registries (the two-letter domain extensions) do not, so we can't process refunds on those.

For gTLD domains, like .COM, please note that the registry only allows refunds for a short period of time. If you send us an authenticated request within 72 hours of registration, we should be able to get the registration cancelled and refunded, but it is not guaranteed.

To cancel a domain that is not new or being renewed

Login to your account and go to the domain's dashboard page. To the right of Next Billing, click the cancel link and then confirm the cancellation.

cancel renewal

To cancel an existing domain that has been billed and will soon be renewed

Check in your dashboard to ensure it has not yet been renewed at the registry. I.e. the expiry date has NOT changed by a year but you have already been billed for the renewal.

If the domain's information shows Renewal Date but does not show the cancel link to the right of Next Billing, but it does show a green paid button, the domain's renewal billing has been processed, but the domain's renewal date has not yet arrived. We will have to cancel and refund that for you. Please send us an authenticated request.
renewal billed, domain not yet renewed

You want to cancel an existing domain that has recently been renewed

Once the domain is renewed at the registry, renewal can still be cancelled for the following year, but we can no longer process a refund. You will still own the domain for the upcoming year/registration period.

You can cancel those domains yourself in your dashboard using the instructions above.

Checking if a domain is set to expire

In your dashboard, if the domain's information shows Expiration Date with a renew link to the right, and does not show the Renewal Date line, the domain is already set to expire.

domain set to expire


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