How do I cancel/delete my account?

Only empty accounts can be deleted

There cannot be any domains (active or expired), pre-orders, or open transactions like a renewal billing, on an account if it's to be deleted.

Any domains in an account must be transferred out or first expire and be deleted. Any transactions must complete or be cancelled.

We can set a flag to cancel the account for you in the future once these criteria are met if you login to your account and send an authenticated request for security via our support form

Transferring active domains out of your account

If you need specific help or information about how to transfer a domain out of our system, please let us know.

Cancelling or converting pre-orders

Pre-orders must be cancelled before the TLD launch, or billed and converted to active, registered domains at launch. Then the domain(s) must be transferred out of the account before it can be cancelled.

You can access pre-orders by logging in to your account and going to the Pre-orders page, or by clicking on Pre-orders in the top navigation menu.

Cancelling or completing renewals

Open domain renewals must be completed, then the renewed domain(s) transferred out of the account. Or the renewal must be cancelled, then the expired domains deleted.

To cancel a renewal by turning off autorenewal, log in to your iwantmyname account, then click on Domains in the main dashboard menu. On the next page, click on your domain name. On the following page, to the right of Next Billing, click cancel. That will enable your domain to expire at the end of its current billing cycle.

Deleting expired domains from your account

gTLD domains (like .com, .org, etc.) will be deleted from accounts after passing out of the post-expiry grace period (about 45 days after expiry). ccTLD domain registries all have their own rules on how long the grace period lasts, if they have one at all. Check with us for more specific information.

We have to delete the account for you

At present, accounts cannot be cancelled by the account holder. Also, cancellations requests must be authenticated for security. To request an account cancellation, please login to your iwantmyname account, then send us a request via our support form.

We will cancel the account for you and notify you when it has been completed.

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