WHOIS privacy

For all domains where the registry supports it, WHOIS privacy is added by default at registration. You can check this list to see what TLDs are supported.

We don't provide customer information to anyone, but per ICANN policy registration details are publicly searchable unless a privacy service is in place. Also, since General Data Protection Policy (GDPR) was implemented in May 2018, many registries mask domain registrant information by default as well, even if no additional privacy service is being used.

If WHOIS privacy available but not turned on for your domain, you can enable our free WHOIS privacy service in your dashboard. Login to your iwantmyname account, go to your domain's dashboard page, and click on enable privacy. Agree to the terms, click the button to add the service, and you're all done.

Please be aware that WHOIS websites often implement their own caching techniques, so you may not see the update reflected immediately. Please allow a couple of days for them to refresh their data.

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