How does the domain registration process work?

We make the registration process as easy and painless as possible. No frills, no tricks, no upsells. Our website has a big search box that you can't miss. Just type in the domain you're interested in and go.

You can type the domain and extension, like,, or Or, if you're not sure just yet what extension you would like, just type mydomain. The search will return a list of options.

Any search results with a green smiley face are available to register. Any results showing a grey sad face are not available. Those domains are already registered, reserved by the registry, etc.

When you complete the checkout process, our system will submit the billing transaction to the credit card saved on your account.

Most domains are registered instantly at the respective registry. Our domain management service acts as an agent between you (the domain owner), our registrar, and each domain name registry. A registry is the entity that ultimately holds your domain name, e.g. VeriSign for .COM or Denic for .DE in Germany.

Once the registration and billing have successfully completed, our system will email you a notification and receipt. The domain will also show up in your dashboard, and you can begin any setup right away.

Some registries do not approve registrations immediately, so you might see your domain with a pending status and will not be able to complete setup just yet. Typically this is resolved within 48 hours, and the registry will update the domain to active status. There will be a notification in your dashboard about what's going on.

If there's any issue with your registration, for example, credit card declined, registry outage, etc., the registration will not be completed and you won't be able to access the domain. You will be emailed if that happens.

If you have any questions or aren't sure of your domain registration status, just let us know.

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