How can I enable two-factor authentication?

What is two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (two-step, 2FA, etc.) is an optional but recommended security feature that protects your iwantmyname account by requiring an additional security code to login.

We use Authy for two-factor authentication now, but hope to add additional options in the future.

There are several recommendations in these instructions. Please read them carefully, as they will help to ensure that Authy gets set up correctly and that you retain access to your Authy and iwantmyname accounts.

How to activate two-factor authentication

From the top navigation menu in your dashboard, Authy can be activated in your account settings under Account > Login & Security. Authy provides a free service that offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android, as well as desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, to generate the security codes.

Go to the Login & Security page in your iwantmyname dashboard when logged in to your iwantmyname account, and enter your mobile phone number.

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You will receive a message from Authy with a link to install their application. The Authy app will also confirm your mobile phone and then text you the PIN to activate it.

IMPORTANT: Install Authy before signing out of our system and confirm that iwantmyname is showing up in your Authy account or you risk being locked out of your iwantmyname account.

Authy download links:

Recommendations to prevent setup/login issues

Download and sign up for Authy first, then set up two-factor authentication in your iwantmyname account.

DO NOT use a land-line or VOIP phone number to set up your Authy account. You must be able to receive SMS messages.

We also recommend ensuring that you use a mobile phone number for your iwantmyname account contact phone number. This enables us to send an SMS message as part of authentication if you have an issue with Authy setup or authentication and need help to access your iwantmyname account.

Set up backup passwords for your Authy account. If you lose your phone or get a new phone number and don't have a backup password for your devices you may lose access to your account. The authentication process for us to remove two-factor authentication is quite extensive.


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