I forgot my account password

How to request a password reset email

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset email here.

You can also access the password reset page by clicking the Sign in link at the upper right corner of the the iwantmyname homepage, then clicking Forgot password in the drop-down.

If the password reset email is not arriving

Check your spam folder first, as the messages can get caught there sometimes.

The system can only send a password reset email to the account login email address saved in our system. If you request the password reset be sent to a different address, or if the address saved has a typo, the reset email will not arrive.

If you can't reset your password or are locked out

Because of our security protocols, the system automatically locks accounts for one hour if several failed login attempts or password reset requests are received in a short period of time. This lock lasts an hour, and after that you can try again. Be very careful to only send one password reset request email, and wait 15 minutes for it to arrive. (And check your spam folder.)

How to find your login email address

All payment receipts show the correct login email address under Customer no. and registration emails show the login email address as well. All notification emails we send are sent to the login and contact email addresses, so checking the To field in those emails will also show the right address.

Be aware that it is possible to set a different email address for account login and contact/notification. So if you are receiving emails from us but can't login, that may be why.

If you can't find the correct address or it is not valid or active, please let us know and we will advise further.

If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) set up

If you have enabled two-factor authentication (Authy), you will need both your iwantmyname login credentials and the additional security code from Authy to login to your account again. Updating your account password is not the same as updating or removing Authy.

If you are having trouble with Authy regarding your login, please read their help articles on lockout or account resets.

If that does not work, please let us know. We can remove two-factor authentication from your account, but it requires fairly extensive security authentication.


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